Minecraft Force Op


I’m sure everyone playing Minecraft on someone else’s server has had the thought of becoming admin and creating havoc on their server!
Well now you can!
Firstly, this is a very simple tool which I have developed and currently giving it out for with no cost!
As the title says, this is a Minecraft Force OP tool, this allows you to input the I.P address of the Minecraft server you would like to be administrator on, and then this tool will allow you to do so! This tool is very simple to use, and in this post I will be showing you how to use it! Just Follow the instructions below!



1. You need to download the Force OP from the link below.
2. The next step would be to extract it from the ZIP file to your desktop or wherever you want it…
3. Once you have done that, open the Force OP tool.  
4. Fill in your Username and the I.P address of the server you wish to become admin on
5. Press Start and the program will automatically Force OP you the next time the server is reset (even if you turn your computer off and the server resets, you will still be admin)
6. To stop being admin simply repeat the process!

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